Root Beer Shake

I used to be a bit of a jerk when I was a teen…a Soda Jerk, that is! Yep, I worked in an old-fashioned soda shop for 4 years.

Hand-dipped shakes, floats, fries, and hand-made burgers were my whole world there. I made al the things, and the recipes are forever etched into my brain. My kids were pretty impressed when I made them a shake for one of their birthdays this year with huckleberries that we had picked ourselves in the woods.

Almost all of these things I used to make, I have been able to recreate on our gluten free lifestyle, and this shake has been on my list for some time to make a recipe for my THM Lifestyle, because it was my absolute favorite from when I worked at the soda shop.

Think of the best vanilla-flavored shake you have ever had, and then add a bit more vanilla, and you have it!



Peel the banana and freeze it the night before. You need this to be frozen solid. Then add it and all other ingredients to the blender, except the protein powder of your choice. Blend until smooth and free of banana or ice chunks. Add your 1/4 Cup of protein powder and blend until fully incorporated.

***This is an E meal or snack on the Trim Healthy Plan***

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