Celebration Sip

If you live a sugar free lifestyle, certain traditions become more of a challenge, especially when concentrated fruit juices are at the heart of them.

Specifically communion, biblical feasts and celebrations like Shabbat(Jewish Sabbath from sundown Friday evening to Sundown Saturday evening).

As a Trim Healthy Mama, I don’t drink juice, specifically concentrated fruit juices without the whole fruit included for fiber. So, this is SIPPER, yes I was able to make it a sipper, is going to be my new celebratory grape juice-style drink!

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Put the Butterfly pea flowers or tea bags in 2 cups of hot water, for several hours or overnight to steep. Strain and put into a quart sized vessel. Add all other ingredients, and mix well. Fill to the top of the vessel with ice cubes and use as an all day sipper on the Trim Healthy Plan or a sugar free celebratory drink to replace grape juice and wine as you would like.

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  1. I don’t stress the little sip of grape juice I have at church for communion but this looks great for other occasions.


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