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Why We Use Essential Oils

In 2013 my husband was hurt, while working as an active duty soldier. We would later find out just how severe after his honorable discharge, with an emergent trip to inpatient treatment, and a diagnosis of PTSD. While trying to rebuild a life apart from the military, go to college full-time, and with me back to working outside the home for the first time in our marriage, Alan needed some tools to carry him through the days ahead and so did we. God placed these essential oils right in our path, for just this time!

We had very little knowledge of essential oils then, but with no insurance for over 2 months, and mounting hospital bills from my 4th pregnancy, coupled with our entire family needing medical care for an illness we were battling in my Aunt’s house where we were living, we were looking for something…anything…to boost our immune systems and not go further into medical debt so that we could make it to the date our insurance would active again.

We grabbed a bottle of Young Living’s Thieves blend from a local natural baby store and began using it faithfully…It was our gateway oil!

The house we were staying in had 11 people, and over half were kids under 5, and we did not need any additional immune support until we left for another dwelling 4 weeks later, though others in the home did.

My husband started college and I got a full time job, and but got put on bed rest for high blood pressure until I delivered our 4th child.

This is when we really delved into the essential oils for supporting our minds and emotions. We got Release essential oil blend, which really helped my husband, who was feeling emotionally overwhelmed frequently at the college while trying to navigate his new diagnosis of PTSD. And, I was using Stress Away to support my mind while we counted down the days to our daughter’s birth.

Now, 8 years later, we use these oils and many of the essential oil infused and crafted products from Young Living in our home, on our bodies, and even in various ways on our homestead-in-progress to support us and our livestock in the best way we know how…with nontoxic and natural oils derived from God made plants!

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