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Food is just the beginning of a gluten free lifestyle. Nicole is wearing a  green shirt with glasses and staring at the camera.

Food is just the beginning a Gluten FREE Lifestyle…

Small Swaps and BIG Rewards…

Until I had children diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I never realized the impact that something so small can have. A single protein changed our whole world, and with it came an additional realization that we needed to be more diligent in ALL aspects of our home to keep, not only them, but all of us as healthy as we possibly can be.

We began the process of Ditching and Switching….

  • Tooth Paste, facewash, lotions, hand sanitizers and lip balms
  • Candles, room sprays, and perfume
  • Immune support, for the tall and the small
  • Supplements to keep us energized and living with vitality
  • Cleaning Products
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and body wash for the whole family

WE changed it all!

You can see my playlist of Essential Education I have done on YouTube and join Natural Lifestyle Newsletter and my Treehouse Essentials group on Facebook if you would like additional information and tips.



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