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All current THM Lifestyle Coaching Opportunities:

1 – on 1 Coaching – Waiting List Here

Monthly Group Coaching – Waiting List Here

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Gluten Free Sourdough Workshop (7)

Level 1 –

$250 for 2 months

  • 30 minute weekly Zoom Check-in
  • Weekly enrichment material in your email inbox
  • Weekly check of your food log

Level 2 – 

$180 for 2 months 

Only for those who have done my Level 1

  • 2- 30 minute Zoom Check-in per month
  • Weekly enrichment material in your email inbox
  • Weekly email feedback about your food log from Nicole

Are you ready to live in Gluten FREEdom?

Gluten Free Sourdough Workshop (14)


…or really in freedom with any other allergy, autoimmune condition or sensitivity?

This month-to-month group coaching opportunity is specific to this lifestyle, a lifestyle FREE FROM something that does not benefit your body, and how to incorporate Trim Healthy Mama at the same time without the overwhelm!

ONLY $37 – Billed from the 1st – Final day of each month

  • Monthly focus theme – announced the last week of the month when registration emails go out
  • Weekly 30 minute live
  • Enrichment Materials
  • Daily posts within the group about the monthly focus

More on my personal THM Journey

In 2014 we began our Trim Healthy Journey…

With two children who have Celiac Disease we had to go gluten free overnight, and I was lost, until I remembered parts of the new book I had downloaded just a few weeks before….The first Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book (Now only available in digital).

Now, we have fed our children this way since then and we attribute all of their healthy weight gain, and varied palates to this wonderful plan. Last year my husband and I got serious about doing the plan for us as well. We both dropped weight and have had countless Non Scale Victories (NSV)!

I describe myself as a “Drive Thru Purist” with lots of experience in gluten and dairy free eating. If you have read any part of the Trim Healthy Plan you will know what that means, but the long and short of it is that I can appreciate the convenience of boxed or prepared foods, but I also enjoy doing a little DIY in the kitchen…and I milk my goat every morning here on Burch Acres!

Are you a….

Work outside the home mom?

A Work from home mom? Full time college student in the wee hours of the night….no, morning…who knows what time!

Special needs mom trying to help your child through diet?

Allergy friendly family looking for a way to plan meals for the whole family?

A homeschooling mom? A mom with her hands and heart full, trying to work on her health too?

A caregiver to someone in your home? I’m Your Coach!

My Official info through the Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Directory is Here, if you would like to see it.

I have been, and continue to be, some or all of these things in the years we have used Trim Healthy Mama as the road map for eating in our home. Come see how good food freedom can feel!

You can find my Free Group and see what all this THM stuff is about and see if my style jives with you!

Special Group Coaching Classes – Will be advertised on Instagram or Facebook.

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