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Boundless February 19 – April 2, 2023

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February 20- March 6, 2023

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More about me and my Trim Healthy Journey

I am a Gluten Free Lifestyle Expert, that has been using the principles of the Trim Healthy Plan to support my family since December of 2014.

That is the month 2, of my 7, children were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We jumped straight into this lifestyle, to support them on their journey to regain their health after years of being sick from a little protein called gluten. In February of 2020 we would find out that 2 more of our children have gluten intolerance.

4 years after we started feeding our children the Trim Healthy way, for growing children, My husband and I decided that we wanted to take better care of our own health and quit dabbling. I challenged him to 21 days on plan, and he decided that he could actually live this way too!

Today I am happy to say I have released 77 pounds, and my husband has released 60+ pounds, had multiple pregnancies and nursed babies for 18+ months while using these principles to nourish myself and my whole family. THIS is truly a whole family lifestyle plan.

My Official info through the Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Directory is Here, if you would like to see it.

What do I have to offer you?

  • Lots of allergy friendly and food boundary experience! I have coached people with lists of safe foods that only had 8 items on it.
  • Specific experience in all aspects of the gluten free lifestyle, along with LOTS of experience supporting women with all types of food boundaries.
  • Tips and Tricks on time-saving and family friendly options.
  • Exceptional needs food experience including food aversions, failure to thrive, and sensory processing disorder.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing experience while fully using Trim Healthy Principles. I am also lactation trained.
  • I’m a more-to-lose Lady who is still walking out her Trim Healthy Journey.
  • FREE copies of menu plans my family has used, available on my website.

Want to bless me and my little, large, family at no additional cost to you?

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