Single-Serve Maple Nut Waffle Sauce

If you are the only one in the house that loves the flavors of peanut and maple on your pancakes, I have the perfect single serve recipe for you!

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Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl, if you don’t mind it room temp, until completely smooth. Then, use it on anything from pancakes to ice cream!

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Single Serve Low Fat PB Spread

I love peanut butter, but I don’t always love the fat content. I also like the flexibility of making this spread on demand so that it does not get eaten through by my kids before it is used for its intended purpose.

3 ingredients. 5 minutes. You’re wecome!

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Measure 3 flat Tablespoons of Defatted Peanut Powder. Break up the big lumps of powder with the back of your spoon, add sweetener and mineral salt, and mix a bit. Add 3 Tablespoons of water and mix until smooth.

*Depending on the brand of Peanut Powder you may need to add a touch more more, by the teaspoon full, until it is the consistency you desire.

*This is a fuel pull or E meal protein source on the trim healthy mama plan

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