Squeeze Sauce

When you are raising dairy free, and gluten free children, you start getting really creative when it comes to getting veggies into them!

And, who doesn’t want broccoli with cheesy sauce on top?

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This cheese sauce is good on all the things!

Now, we are very blessed that all of our children eat vegetables willingly, for the most part, and we no longer live with the degree of sensory processing challenges from our early days of parenthood, thanks to lots of consistent exposure.

Noodles, veggies, breakfast burrito mix, all of it…..and, you will need a powerful enough blender to pulverize all the veggies in this sauce, there is over 3 Cups, into a nice smooth product.

We use a Vitamix, but there are other blenders powerful enough to do this too, even though this blender is on our must-have kitchen appliance list in our home. We went without it once for multiple months, and 0/10 would not recommend!

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