How to Support Your Trim Healthy Man on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

Trim Healthy Mama….

Just the title alone had my husband doubting that its principles were designed for all humans, and not just the ladies.

I began looking into the plan because I was pregnant, and I had tried everything.  Counting calories, low fat, more veggies, shakes, pills (shudder), none of it worked for me.  I was a lifetime dieter!

When I met my husband I was the smallest I have been in my adult life, 194 pounds!  He was active duty, and doing regular efforts to maintain so that he could pass his PT tests and keep his job in the military.  That changed when he was honorably discharged in 2013.

Discouraged by a career of yo-yo dieting to maintain a small enough waist size, he went for it and ate whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.  That changed in 2019, when he gave the plan a real try with me for 21 days.


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How did I get him on board?

I didn’t.

If your husband is anything like mine was, it may take a little while, or years, but as they see your progress, and maybe some of their own because of your good cookin’, they will begin to come around!

I kept making THM compliant meals for our kids because it has been invaluable in helping us understand how to feed our growing children, with life threatening allergies in the mix.

He was a full-time college student and would grab whatever he wanted while he was away from home for his classes.  He would also go to the store for what struck his fancy or grab it when he went to the store with me.  He was a gas station regular for pop and candy!

Over the years he would tell me how good he felt when he ate only the meals I made for a couple days, then a couple weeks.  Now, he has gone two months and lost 35 pounds!  It was gradual, and it was all his idea!

I am a facilitator!

Now, he will look at the cookbooks, or the THM Membership site and print out or show me ideas for recipes he wants to try.

He loves a varied meal plan and this means that my Pinterest board for Recipes we’ve tried has over 500 recipes!

He may not fully understand how to create a meal from each fuel type, but we discuss it often to see if he can decipher it…this part is going to be gradual too.

Most recently he let me know that he needed more treats around to help curb his sweet treat desires and so, I keep one treat available as I can.

We also add a hot drink or cold drink like Boost Juice, or a Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate to every meal and snack so that we feel like every time we eat is a wonderful thing to look forward to.

Because of my friend, who is the Mother of Change on Facebook, we try to drink half our body weight in ounces of water every day.  This was harder for my husband than the switch to eating this way because he does not like water at all…at least he didn’t used to.

The Trim Healthy Man Plan

What helps him stay on plan, according to my Husband

  1. Eat every 3 hours, even if you are not hungry
  2. Plan ahead, you don’t want to scrounge around for food when it’s time and then go for convenience over healthy foods
  3. Mix up the recipes, frequently
  4. Drink Plenty of water
  5. Remake old favorites….like the Jalapeno Poppers
  6. Ask your husband what he needs.  This is how I learned he needed more treats around.
  7. Find a sweetener he really can live with, and make it portable. You can find the sweetener we use here

For Wives who are waiting on their Trim Healthy Man….

Would I have loved to have my husband on board with me from the beginning?


Did it affect my success for him to not be committed to the plan?

If I am going to be committed to something, then it’s going to be something I want to do.  I won’t place blame for my lack of commitment to my own long term health goals on him or anyone else.

Is it better to have him on plan with me? 

Yes!  I think that it is easier not having candy or sugar in the house at all.  But, it’s do-able with just one person on plan too.

Give him the space to make the jump.  It is going to be a different world for them.  Also, wrapping your brain around something becoming a lifestyle and not just a diet is going to be a challenge.

All I can say is, that for us… I am so grateful we are a Trim Healthy team now!


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How I Learned to Feed My Children With Severe Food Allergies


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Not long after our second son turned one we realized that something was wrong.  He had always been a very thin little one, and he was shorter in stature than his older brother who always maxed out every growth chart from the day he was born.

I had attributed his trailing growth to genetics, with my husband’s family having men as short at 5’5″ and as tall as 6’5″ along with the men in my family fitting in the middle of his somewhere, we knew we could have kids all over the growth chart.

The other factor was that he was severely tongue tied until he was 10 months old, when the Pediatrician finally agreed to give us the referral for a Frenectomy. He could eat much better after, but he never made the type of gains we were hoping for, even on formula.

His little belly was super distended all the time, and he was beginning to show signs that something in his diet was affecting his digestive system negatively.  This prompted us to quit cloth diapering because we could not keep his bottom from rashes and hoped that disposables would keep him dryer.  They did not.

We even ended up in the emergency room one day because what came out of him was the exact same color and consistency of the milk he had consumed less than 30 minutes earlier.

1st Diagnosis

After he was about 18 months old we began to pursue, in earnest, some sort of diagnosis or help because he was beginning to vomit every single day and still had intestinal issues that were not changing.  His Pediatrician told us to try lactose free products and that eased the symptoms for a few months, but they came back.

We decided to eliminate all dairy, including casein, and see if that brought even further relief, which it did.  We had another child, our first daughter, by this time and she began to show the same symptoms as she grew.

Our whole family went diary free to accommodate two out of our family of five having, what we believed, was an allergy to dairy protein.

2nd Diagnosis

We moved to another state, and finally got our allergy testing, which was negative for both dairy and wheat.  This stumped us because, while being completely dairy free was helping some our son still had a distended belly, intestinal upset, and our daughter was suffering from eczema.

We switched to another Pediatrician in the same town after a traumatic appointment with our oldest, on the spectrum, where we realized that the former one was not equipped to handle children with sensory processing disorder.

The new Pediatrician begrudgingly went with my request for blood work for our son to test him for Celiac Disease.  She called me back two days later, You know that blood work you asked to be done, we actually did find that he has high levels of reactivity to gluten.  I need to refer you to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist.”

This Momma felt the weight of years, four at this time, of uncertainty and struggle being lifted in that very moment. By the end of 2015, 4 years after beginning to ask questions about our son’s symptoms, both diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Now What?

You can’t eat breads.

You still can’t eat dairy.

You can’t eat things made on the same machinery as bread.

You can’t be in a room where someone has baked with gluten containing flours for at least 8-12 hours.

You have to make everything they eat, or bring it with you.

Here’s the number of a dietitian (who did not help us in any way).

How on Earth was I going to feed my kids?

I found Trim Healthy Mama looking at some Mom-blogs that I had been following since my husband was in the military.  As our family grew I was trying to glean as much as I could about how to care for our large family from these ladies.

I began to look at the program, and bought their first book The Trim Healthy Mama Plan, as an e-book, which is no longer in print.  I read the book in just a few hours and I knew that it was what I was looking for to meet my childrens’ needs.

I could combine foods, real foods, simple foods, and do it for weight gain.  I could feed myself during pregnancy, nursing and beyond.  It fit our whole family!

Over the Years we have dabbled in it for weight loss, my husband and I, and at this time we are seeing a lot of success.  You can find our progress over at Life In The Treehouse.

We love it so much that my husband buys me the yearly Trim Healthy Membership for our Anniversary.  He gets a Motor Trend subscription, so fair is fair.

We find our recipes from many places.  Cookbooks, Pinterest (We have tried over 500 THM Compliant recipes at the time this is written), The membership site, and Bloggers who make recipes for the community.


Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Trim Healthy Table

Our Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Bloggers:

Mamashire – Many of her older recipes are THM, but her newest ones are gluten free/dairy free but mostly crossovers or off plan.

Northern NesterShe is mostly No Special Ingredients

Oil of Joy – Egg free/gluten free/dairy free

Lotsa little Lambs – The best gluten free pancakes, plus lots of other recipes!

Joy Filled Eats – Some dairy free, but lots of gluten free.

Well-Planned Kitchen – Used to be “Working At Homeschool”, and at this time many recipes still say that on the web.

Brianna Thomas – The Ice Cream Queen, including dairy free ones!

My Montana Kitchen – She does a lot of gluten free, and has some great dairy free things too.

Oh Sweet mercy – Real food, with lots of E meal options.

Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved – Many gluten free/dairy free.

Darcie’s Dishes – She is the tex-mex food Queen.

Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen – lots of down home cooking

Nana’s Little Kitchen – a little bit of everything

Raye’s Place – gluten and dairy free, with some surprising ingredients that are delicious.

Sweet E’s – Greens heavy, and lots of inventive ways.  She does not cheat on her plan, EVER!


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A Simple Guide to Going Gluten Free

Pink Photo Collage Birthday Pinterest Graphic

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Can you Live Without Bread?  

This question has gone through the mind of every person who has been told that they cannot have gluten, til death do they part.  Not just that they cannot have wheat, but that they cannot have any gluten-containing item, at all. I don’t even want to talk about items that are cross-contamination risks…..

The answer is yes, but the process of getting there can look like a trip to the peak of Mount Everest!

….., but let me show you how I would do it over if I could.

What do I do first?

Remove any gluten-containing products from your home.  Gluten is not just isolated to food, it is found in glue and even stickers.

It becomes a part of your pots and pans, as baked-on residue, those have to be thrown out because the only way to completely remove it is to sand it off.  If it was a really expensive set, I will cry with you when you chuck it or donate it.

Then, clean….

Flour and cracker residue is going to be everywhere.  Wash all your storage containers and wipe our the cupboards. 

Clean your oven and the racks inside, making sure that you scrub it all very well to remove all baked-on residue.  No, you do not have to get a new oven, because it is not likely that you will eat anything that falls out onto the oven floor or the racks.

My vote is for the cleaning cycle of the oven, vinegar-based cleaner because natural is best to me.

Go Through your Soap!

Because people cannot possibly stick with simple ingredients like lye and oil(that’s just too basic)!  They have to add all sorts of colors, fragrances, and wheat germ oil to soap.  Check your packages, and chuck the offending soaps.

This will include hair, hand, and whole body soaps.  Initially we were told that we did not need to go that far, but kids will eat and swallow the craziest things.  So, safety first is how we roll around the Treehouse.

Body Care Products, Beware!

Make up, chap stick, lipstick, lip gloss, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion (wheat germ oil again…I know, right?).  Check them all.

Go through Your medicines, and call your pharmacy to make sure that yours are safe.  If they give you an answer without going and looking at the insert, or calling the company….find another pharmacy.  This could be the difference between long-term glutening or remission, and you are worth the few minutes of their time it takes to be truly sure.

Craft Closet Clean-out

Yes, the craft supplies are probably the second biggest offenders in my opinion.  If it can be molded like bread dough or has “-doh” in its name it will need to find a new home unless you can get the specs from the company.

Stickers, adhesive, paint, dye….check it all!

Now, go figure out the sneaky names of gluten!  It’s time to go shopping!

If you have no idea where to find it, or want all this information in digital form.  You can find it in my book, The Easy Start Guide to Gluten FREEdom.


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Our Stillbirth, a Story of Hope

*Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: this is a detailed account of my stillborn child’s birth.  If you do not want to read this, I completely understand.  I am passionate about giving my son a voice and sharing my experience as hope for other moms.  All our stories matter because these tiny ones matter to us!

Our stillbirth, a story of hope

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December 2016 I found out we were going to have another child.  This would be my 7th pregnancy and 6th living child.

I felt great!  The baby was growing well, we had our 12-week appointment and he was dancing around like a little jumping bean.  My husband was set to leave to train his service dog for three weeks, the first week of  January 2017.  I would have an appointment while he was gone, and he would be home for the gender ultrasound in February.  At least, that was our plan.

I had just started a new position as an overnight caregiver at a group home and worked there for a couple weeks.  I had people in place to watch the kids while I worked and slept after my husband left for training.  The first weekend after he left I got sick.  I was dizzy and nauseous and just felt off.  I had been long past the morning sickness, so I just thought I had a bug.

My 16-week appointment was set for Monday morning, and then I got a call that they needed me to reschedule it because someone had gone into labor.  My appointment was rescheduled for Wednesday, I would be exactly 16 weeks that day anyway.

I went to the appointment and had to bring all 5 of my kids which was not unusual.  My OB had a hard time hearing anything at all with the doppler, again not unusual for me at that gestation due to my placentas being positioned on the sunny-side of my uterus more often than not, and she moved us to the room with the ultrasound so we could find things easier.

My children gathered around, watching that little screen, and there the baby was.  but, the doctor kept wiggling the ultrasound wand trying to stimulate movement.  I knew we saw no heartbeat, but you always hope it’s not the truth when you realize it’s happening it’s like a dream. Then, my oldest child and veteran prenatal appointment companion said, ” Momma, there’s no heartbeat.” calm, cool and collected, he was 6 and didn’t realize exactly what that meant, yet.  The doctor reached down and grabbed my hand and mouthed to me, “I’m so sorry!”  My eyes welled up a bit as I had to lie and tell my children that the doctor was making sure that we didn’t need another ultrasound and that she was still looking around.  She scheduled an immediate ultrasound at the main hospital, but we all knew what the results would be.

I walked my children out of the office and to the car, put them in their seats and shut the car door and asked one of my older boys to start it.  I got on the phone and called my mom.  She answered quickly, and I turned my back to the car and cried as I told my very first person that our baby had died.

The ultrasound clinic called while I was on the phone with my mom, and the earliest opening they had was 2 hours later.  I took my kids home, and fed them, and planned to have a friend sit in the car while I got the ultrasound.  I have never been able to hide how I feel well, but God gave me a supernatural ability that day to look “normal” while feeling so much like I wanted to scream.  “Nicole, don’t freak out.” was what I kept telling myself, I wanted my kids to not be afraid of what I knew was coming.


The ultrasound was quick.  She took me back, and we started.  I had only cried once at this point, and the minute I saw her try and get the heart rate recorded and it was a flat line I broke down, sobbing.  She remained stoic and silent and finished the scan.  When she told me I could get ready to go, I said, ” I know you can’t tell me anything, but I know what I saw and my child is gone.”  She finally looked at my eyes, and with absolute compassion, she said, “ I am so sorry, nobody should have to go through this.”  I said to her what would begin to be the entire theme of  the next year, ” This isn’t about what I deserve.”  She hugged me, and then I went out of the room.

I had not told my husband yet, he was in Florida, and I wanted to tell him when I was sure, and without the kids around.  Sitting on the bench next to the main exit of the hospital, I called the only number I had, it was one of my husband’s classmate’s numbers.  I told him I needed someone in leadership to be with my husband when I told him something important, and he said he would go get someone and call me back.

It was about 20 minutes, and my husband called back.  I told him that our son had died and that I wanted him to stay and finish training his dog because it was still going to be our reality when he got home and he would need the dog.  My husband was crying hard when he got off the phone, but I told him we would skype later that night.

I began walking back to the car and my OB called and confirmed what I already knew.  She gave me three options about how to proceed, and I picked the only one that I could live with.  I was going to be induced on Saturday, January 21st, 2017.  I got to the car, and told my kids and our friend that our baby was gone, and let my kids know about the induction that was coming.  The oldest kids cried, but they had never been exposed to death or dying in their memory, so they were crying because I was.  Our oldest looked at me and said, ” Momma, I have an idea!  What if someday Jesus puts a new 6th baby in your baby house!” (this is what he called my uterus at the time) and I told him I thought that was a fantastic Idea.  It was the beginning of hope to me to know that my children believed that God was still good.

My Prayer

That night, after I had told everyone, and taken care of my children, I put the kids to bed and I sat and watched TV and cried.  It was the cry of pure pain.  I told God I was angry and hurt, and that I really wanted that baby to live.  I begged Him to help me to live with this.  I needed Him to start my labor so that I did not feel like I was walking into an abortion on Saturday.  I knew my baby was dead, but my body didn’t.

My mom came in the afternoon on Friday.  She would be with me at the induction the following morning, so I would not be alone.  We went to dinner, and while we were there I felt a POP inside like a balloon breaking and I checked in the bathroom to see if my water had broken.  It was just a little bit, so I figured it was nothing.  Then, we went to the store and I started having contractions.  Nothing very painful, but they began to take my breath away with their frequency.  I spent the rest of the night having contractions and leaking a little bit of fluid, but I knew I got my miracle!  God had answered my plea for my body to begin the process before the induction.  He is never late!

Induction day

We got to the hospital bright and early.  I was not angry or crying, I was at peace.  My OB checked me and confirmed my water had broken.  I told her, she had let me know on Wednesday that she had a stillbirth at 26 weeks herself and I knew she would understand, about the miracle God gave me.  She cried with me and understood that it was what I needed to do this that day.

She let me try to do it without induction medicine and I was told that this being a VBAC I could lose my ability to have more children if my uterus ruptured.  I wanted to deliver my child whole, it was the only gift I could give him and he was worth it to me even if he would be my last.

At noon I had not progressed much, and then I got the medicine for induction.  I began the most painful labor and delivery I have ever had, but not all of the pain was related to labor.

Throughout the day I was able to laugh and speak to the nurses and my mom.  One nurse told me she had never seen a mom in my situation be as joy-filled, she had only seen bitterness and anger.  My labor is my testimony of a merciful God, even in something as small as breaking my water BEFORE I walked into the hospital, he had met me in my pain, and everything else was just going to be the path I had to walk to get to my child.


I knew myself well enough to have discussed with my OB that I needed an epidural because I was hurting in so many different ways I needed something to not hurt so much if I could prevent it.

The charge nurse ignored the instructions, and all I was given was short-acting narcotic pain management.  I kept telling her I felt pressure and I could not relax, she did not believe me and felt I was not having enough progress to call the anesthesiologist.  They changed my pain medicine to one that worked a little longer, and after an hour and a half nap I woke up delivering my child.  I asked my mom to get the nurse, I was not going to ask my mom to confirm that I had delivered my baby like that.

The nurse said, “oh, you were right, all you needed was to to be able to relax.  Your baby is born.”  This was the last time I cried before I held my son.  We didn’t know he was a he until I held him.  We had picked the name, McLeod, for him.

She got the second nurse, and they began working to get him in my hands.  My mom was in the bathroom and came out to me holding my tiny boy.  She told me later that she had never seen such peace on my face as she did at that moment.  I replied, “ I did what I intended to do.  I delivered my son, whole.

We got to be with him as long as we wanted.  And, got lots of pictures, and foot and handprints.  They were so respectful and careful with him.  I never imagined anyone would treat him so well other than me and my mom.  They provided me with a pretty purple box with a blanket and little clothes that he would go to the place to be cremated in.  The local mortuary would even cremate him at no-cost, because of his gestational age.  We left the hospital after 4 hours of a nap.  I went home with just memories, it was like a weird nightmare to be wheeled out with handprints in a box and not my son.

It was the first day of a year that would teach me that grief can be done in a way that proves the hope I had gained in his birth.

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Birth Story Baby #6

He was highly anticipated, deeply loved, and a promise that life was going to move on!

I found out I was pregnant with baby #6, 1 day before our stillborn child’s 1-year heavenly birthday, but I had felt sick for about 2 weeks.

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post


It was the last of the four names my husband and I had picked out for our boys when we first got married.  What happened to the other three?  We used them!

McKinzie is our first child and son, McKinley is our second, and McLeod our precious boy born to heaven at 16 weeks gestation was our 7th pregnancy.  I can’t remember why we picked the last two names, but the first two are family names.  Our Mc-clan was growing again, after 8 years of girl babies!

The Delivery

I had felt off with him for a couple days, had higher blood pressures at the ultrasounds and perfect pressures everywhere else, and one morning I could hear my blood pressure in my ears just walking across the living room of our apartment.  I called my OB and she asked me to come in and be checked.

I spent the whole day in Labor and Delivery with just a couple high pressures, and my OB came after her office hours to talk to me.  She wanted to send me home, and then see me the following day, I insisted that I did not feel good and wanted to stay.  She told me she could monitor me one night.  She listened, and I am so grateful!



My pressure went up in the night and stayed there.  At morning rounds her words to me were, ” Do you want to have a baby today?”  My answer, ” YES!”  He would be born in the Palindrome Week of August 2018, his birthday is the same forward and backward.

csectionmickkinnon (2)
The last Facebook post before he was born

I was exactly 35 weeks.  I was eligible for a VBA2C, and it was my dream, but I had a feeling that my blood pressure would go up, as I had already been high overnight, and I wanted us both safe.  I was giving my last chance at a VBAC to him, to keep us both safe.  I would find out later that it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

My Cesarean Section was scheduled at 4:30 pm.  At 4:00pm, they were checking on him with the doppler and couldn’t find a heartbeat.  This bereaved mom panicked, I would say a little but it was a lot!  So, they pulled out the ultrasound and went to find him.  He had turned transverse, sideways.  This is the first reason I am glad I listened to that still small voice telling me to accept that VBAC was not going to be my story this time, or ever again.

We went to surgery!  Me, baby on the inside, my husband and my twin sister.  She was there to support my husband and to potentially follow our son anywhere they needed to take him if he was not developed enough.

They set me up and brought in my doctor, who performed a version to turn him from breech to head down (I had to tell her he was transverse during the surgical time-out because her medical student failed to do so…do not be afraid to tell your doctor any new news, it could be VERY important).  Then, it began.

I hear, “Oh, there’s a nuchal cord.”  I knew this meant he had a cord wrapped but my husband did not.  Reason #2 I am very thankful for my Cesarean, the nurse told my sister afterward that his cord was wrapped so tight that they could not get it off without clamping and cutting it.  Mom-tuition is a thing!

The NICU team was there, and his oxygen would not go higher than 60%, so he was whisked away to the NICU along with my sister.  I was put back together, and taken to my room.  I did not get to see my son for three hours, but my husband went to him while I was in recovery.

He would go on to spend 12 days in the NICU.

Birth Story

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large family meal prep in as little as 1 hour a day

How to meal plan and prep in 1 hour a day

Preparing food for my army

When I worked outside the home I would try and take a whole day, sometime during the month, and prep as much as I could to make cooking for the rest of the month easier.  It worked for a long time, but it was hard to carve out the time with my overnight work schedule and my husband’s college schedule after our 5th and 6th children were born.

When I got the opportunity to become a stay at home mom again, I was excited to finally get back into the groove with my meal prep, but I discovered I could only make room in our fridge and deep freezer for about 2 weeks with how our family was growing.

I still really love once a month meal planning, but I do not have the space I need to accomplish as much as I need to.

Introducing 1-hour meal prep!

I still plan our meals a month in advance, using my Pinterest account and other resources.  I just don’t buy everything all at the same time.  You can Pin these instructions Here.

Canned goods are not the problem, it’s fresh and frozen for this family of 8.  We have one fridge with the tiny freezer, and a 1/4 size chest freezer.

With gluten allergies, we have to make most of our foods from scratch unless we can be sure of the manufacturing and processing, so I season all the food ourselves, and I cannot buy sauces premixed.

My goal, Monday through Friday, is to set aside 1 hour after I homeschool the oldest children, to prep and cook.

What does this look like?

**Putting dried beans to soak, in preparation for cooking the following day.

**Batch cooking defrosted ground meat for multiple meals.

Batch cooking ground meat to freeze for use throughout the month
10lbs of ground meat cooking for the freezer

**Oven roasting chicken breasts and cubing them.

**Chopping veggies and putting them in containers for fresh eating or recipes.

A tower of gluten free pancakes for the freezer.  A quick meal on a busy morning.
16x batch of gluten-free pancakes

**Mixing bits of ingredients for that day’s lunch and dinner.

**Baking gluten-free eats for breakfasts, snacks, and dessert night.

Gluten free, dairy free baked oatmeal prepped for the freezer
Double batch of gluten free baked oatmeal for the freezer.

**Cleaning out the fridge on Leftover Day so that it is ready for all the prepped ingredients and leftovers until the next one.

Where do I start?

Carve out the time!

I watched a movie with my husband last night and the line that stuck with me was, “The only thing that has value for everyone is TIME.”

I am a busy mom of 6 with a disabled husband.  I had to learn to delegate some things to my husband that he was capable of in our homeschool so that I could have this meal planning time.  So, far, everyone is succeeding for the hour and Momma has her prep time handled!

Then, make a list of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners for a week.  Then, prep what you can.  set the timer, and keep yourself busy.  When the timer goes off, clean up and stop working.

Mark off what you accomplished, and know that you accomplished something, and something is always better than nothing!

I put my leftovers in mason jar with plastic lids
Leftovers in mason jars

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