Product Review and Media Kit

Product Review

As a wife and mom, there are many things I would love to try out on my extra-large family. 

If you feel that your product may be something I might like to review, feel free to message me @mrsnicoleburch at gmail dot com.

I reserve the right to determine if it is a product I could use, or recommend.  

I will evaluate its value for my family and get back to you as quickly as possible.  If I believe that it will fit into our lifestyle here is what I need from you:

A full-size product at no charge to me, including shipping costs.

The product will not be returned, and I would appreciate up to one month from the time I receive the product to use, and fairly evaluate it, unless it is something that will require a longer evaluation period, in which case it will be discussed and the time frame will be agreed upon in writing.

My evaluation will be written in the form of a blog post unless another type of evaluation has been agreed to in writing prior to the receipt of the product.  When my review is posted, you will receive a notification via email.

All reviews will be honest, and any problems I encounter during the review period will be discussed and attempted to be resolved prior to my review if that is not possible for some reason then honesty will be my policy.

The blog post will include a link to your website, and any social media platforms you utilize, along with details of mine and/or my family’s experience.  I will include one or more pictures of the product in use, if possible.  If you have a discount code or specific promotion you would like me to mention, I will gladly do that to benefit my readers.

My blog post will be shared on my personal social media platforms.

All links will be in “no follow” in accordance with Google Policy and a disclosure statement to the effect of, ” I received a free product.” or, “I was compensated for my review.” to comply with FTC rules.

Giveaway Policies

Giveaways can be an effective way to increase fans and generate interest in your product.  The product must be something I have personally reviewed and believed will benefit my viewers.

If desired I will host and promote a giveaway on your behalf, for a product provided by you.  The fee will be $50, and the prize will be mailed to the winner at your expense.  If it is necessary for the item to be given away to be sent to me before the winner the additional cost of me shipping the item will be paid in full before the giveaway starts to not impede it being sent to the winner.

This price is to compensate me for the time it takes to write the post, set up the giveaway, and promote it on my personal social media platforms.  It includes 2 Instagram posts and 2 Facebook posts per week the giveaway is active, with a minimum length of 2 weeks for the giveaway to run.  Longer giveaways will be agreed upon in writing before the start of the giveaway.

I will use either Gleam or Rafflecopter.  Please let me know if you have a preference.  All entry options will follow Google Policy and all policies of the social media platforms that the post is shared on.

The pertinent details for receipt of the product only, of the randomly selected winner. will be emailed to you at the close of the giveaway.  I will not include the winner’s, or any other email addresses, collected through my personal newsletter during the time of the giveaway.  It can be an option for the entrants to sign up for your newsletter if you would like.

I will request that the winner be sent their prize within two weeks of the close of the giveaway.

Sponsored Posts and Social Media Shout Outs

My, Nicole Burch, blog is a safe place for families to view sponsored posts.  Therefore, I reserve the right to say no to any sponsored posts or social media shoutouts.

Prewritten posts are $50 and ones I write myself are $75, both come with nonrefundable deposits of 50% upfront whether you decide to follow through with the post/posting schedule or not.  All prewritten content will be original or I reserve the right to not post it due to plagiarism and SEO concerns.

I accept Paypal and potentially gift cards upon further discussion, and written agreement.

Payment is due in full before the post will be published, and/or promoted on social media with a publishing date being reached, in writing, before the post is written.

Posts written by me include:

Photos, please provide them.

Social media links, and mentions of discount codes or product promotions going on.

Posts will be relevant to my audience and will not have profanity, political agenda, adult content, or what I perceive to be controversial topics.

Links will follow all Google Policies and those of the social media platforms to which they are promoted.  There will be a disclaimer that meets all FTC regulations regarding sponsored posts.

Social Media Shout Outs:

These are going to be priced on an individual social media platform basis.  If I have to create the pictures or content the price will be higher.

All will meet Google Policy and FTC rules regarding links and advertising.

If you have any sponsored post ideas or would like to discuss a social media shout out please email me @mrsnicoleburch at gmail dot com.




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